Fashion house Gala Khachaturova offers a service of individual tailoring of fur coats and cashmere in Moscow. This service is sure to be enjoyed by those girls and women who appreciate the uniqueness of their image and the highest quality of outerwear.

The high level of professionalism allows our masters to create real masterpieces from the raw materials of famous international auctions: Saga furs, Kopenhagen fur, Nafa and Sojuzpushnina. Purchased fur is distinguished by impeccable quality and excellent appearance.

As finishes using a variety of materials, ranging from luxurious fabrics and finishing semi-precious stones.

Each model is sewn by carefully taken measurements on modern high-tech equipment or by hand, which ensures a perfect fit and excellent quality. Together with the master selection of style and accessories at the preliminary stage will allow to obtain in the future exactly the model that was conceived.

The advantages of custom tailoring fur coats:

When choosing a service such as sewing fur coats mink and sable, customers are given the opportunity:

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