We care about each product as a Museum exhibit, starting from the moment of the pattern and even after it was received by the clients. You can leave our fur coat for storage during the warm season – a special refrigerator maintains the ideal temperature and humidity, while maintaining the beauty of natural fur.

Our masters repair fur coats and take care of them as carefully as they create them. We will replace any part of the accessories, change the fit of the fur coat and fit it on the figure, restore the original color of fur and skin-for us it is not impossible.

Our equipment allows you to perform not only gentle cleaning of fur, but also other delicate materials, such as silk, suede or cashmere.

Buy expensive fur coat in Moscow offer many brands, but only in the Fashion house Gala Khachaturova you get a unique product, the creation of which are the history, the hands of the master and the endless love for his work.

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